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Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA

Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA

Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA


I made an appointment with Christine after my friend had outstanding results after her sessions with Bowen. My main concern was a damaged knee which was making me limp. After 3 sessions with Christine the pain in my knee had gone and I have no limp, this treatment also stopped my sinus problem which I had had for 6 months. I will definitely go back when I need to.
Posted : 27th February 2016 by S. Donovan, Ascot


I have had fibromyalgia for about a year and despite being given painkillers by the doctor, every day was a struggle. Most days I didn’t want to get out of bed, found it impossible to get in or out of the bath, couldn’t kneel or bend and even lifting a kettle of water was very painful. Sitting still was also a problem as I had to ‘unfold’ my body and try to stretch myself after every thirty minutes of sitting. Getting in and out of the car meant I had to lift my legs over the threshold and long journeys were impossible. I had no energy and found most days I just didn’t want to bother with socialising or more importantly keeping up with my love of walking and the countryside.

I started with a three-session course of Bowen. After the first visit I felt awful for the first two days and then I had a remarkable reduction in my pain level and most importantly an energy surge. After three sessions I was so much better that I was able to go walking and looked forward to sitting in the cinema for the duration of a film. I had another session after four weeks and since then I have been free of pain, able to walk 13 kilometres in the mountains of Madeira, spent time gardening and have the energy to keep going all day rather than having to sleep in the afternoon, all without the help of any painkillers. I intend having a session every three to four weeks in the belief that I will remain pain free.
Posted : 14th May 2015 by M. Bennett, Fleet


I contacted Chris regarding recurring migraine attacks as Bowen treatment had been recommended. Chris suggested I try Indian Head massage and after the first treatent I went from 2-3 attacks a week to two in four weeks! She was very realistic about what might be achieved and the treatment was very relaxing. Chris put me at ease.
Posted : 23rd March 2014 by D. Dacombe, Lightwater.


I always look forward to my appointments with Christine. I know I will always have a great treatment, regardless of whether it is reflexology/massage/Bowen, she never disappoints. Her treatment room is quiet, tranquil and comfortable which also adds to the experience.
Posted : 19th January 2012 by V. Hall, Camberley


What an experience. I went to see Chris last night for a ‘No Hands Massage’. I had never had a massage like this before. It was breathtaking. I walked in feeling dull and achy and came out feeling light, positive and a different person. My posture was amazing, standing up tall and head held high! I recommend this massage to anyone who wants to feel a different person after. I normally go to Chris for Indian Head Massages which are very relaxing/gets rid of my knots and makes my neck and shoulder pains disappear but I think I have found something better! Thank you so much Chris! I will be back!
Posted : 23rd June 2011 by L. Goss, Camberley


Hi I’m Terry, 62 years of age retired butcher I’ve had knee injuries & back pain for many years. so far after 3 sessions of bowen & 1 ‘No Hands’ massage i would rate the improvement in my health at 85%. I’m sleeping much better and generally feel better, am really looking forward to my next massage
Posted : 18 Nov 2010 by T. English, Bracknell    

Further message dated 19 December 2011 . . . . . . . Had seven weeks in NZ , late sept thru early Nov …played 28 rounds of golf in 31 days !…….spent 4 of the 6 weeks in a campervan….thanks to you my back has never felt better…. will treat myself to a massage after the new year.


‘Bowen and more’ provide a friendly and exceptional service to which I am a repeat customer of. I have not found this high level of customer service and quality anywhere else. I would highly recommend.
Posted : 26 Jul 2010 by S. Payne, Camberley


For many years I have enjoyed ‘Bowen and more’ and it has certainly made a difference to the way I appreciate looking after the inner me. It is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It is a very rewarding experience.
Posted : 5 Apr 2010 by R. Cutler, Camberley


My main interest is in indian head massage. Chris visits our premises once a month and colleagues are in no doubt that Chris is excellent on reflexology, reiki and acupressure chair massage, and I was lucky enough to get brief demonstrations from her during an employer arranged health day. I have been able to get an indian head massage from Chris, on our premises, pretty well once a month for longer than I care to remember. It doesn’t take an expert to recognise how good she is. If you are looking for a professional with a deep understanding of her trade and, as it happens, a thoroughly nice person, you will be hard pushed to find better.
Posted : 18 Mar 2010 by A. Crawford, Camberley


Initially I was impressed by the Bowen-and-more website, easy to navigate and clear, concise and ‘friendly’ information on the qualifications of the practitioner, the services offered and the prices. I therefore booked one Bowen treatment which was advertised at £28 for approx an hour. The therapist was well qualified, very proficient at the bowen technique and provided good information in answer to any questions I had, she completely put me at ease. Also, even though the treatment ended up requiring far longer than the hour, I wasn’t charged any more. I was especially impressed with this level of commitment, particularly in this day and age.
Posted : 24 Feb 2010 by T. Smith, Feltham


First time to have Bowen, attended due to frozen back muscles in a lot of pain -after 1st session much better, after 3rd no more pain and felt great, muscles felt relaxed and I was walking & bending with no problems !
Posted : 12 Feb 2010 by E. Selley, Hook


I went to Christine to see if the Bowen Technique would help my wrists and back problem. There was a gradual improvement over 3 treatments. I was delighted when my energy levels picked up and mild depression lifted too. I now have a regular ‘top up’ treatment. I feel very safe in Christine’s professional hands. This little known treatment is highly effective and worth the money.
Posted : 4 Jan 2010 by M. Langer, Fleet

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