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Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA

Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA

Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA


ReikiRei is the Japanese character for Spirit ¬†or Soul, Ki is untranslatable into a single English word, but to summarise it means ‘indicator of life’ or ‘Universal Life Energy’. The Usui system of natural healing is the art of channelling universal life energy as a form of hands-on-healing.

A Reiki treatment is very relaxing promoting a sense of well-being, and like other energy rebalancing therapies views illness as a disruption of the body’s energy systems. It aims to restore fundamental energy circulation and thus improve health.

What is involved?

A treatment usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour, you remain fully clothed and can receive the treatment sitting upright or lying down.

The therapist places their hands in various positions on, or just above your body. You may feel a pleasant sensation of warmth, coolness, or tingling.

Reiki can be safely used in conjunction with any complementary, alternative and conventional medicines and may indeed enhance their effectiveness. Because Reiki does not involve physical pressure or manipulation there are no contra-indications.

For several days after treatment the energies will continue to flow in the body, during this time you may feel revitalised or temporarily a little worse as your body releases the cause of your symptoms.

Everyones’ reaction is different and no two treatments are the same.

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