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Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA

Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA

Christine Douglass, BTAA, MFHT, MNHMA

Bowen Technique

BowenBowtech (the original Bowen Technique) is a ‘hands on, hands off’ treatment. The therapist uses their thumbs or fingers in certain points around the body, making rolling type moves over the soft tissue – muscle, tendon, ligament – and in between each set of moves, leaves the room to allow a response to take effect. The moves are gentle and the client should experience little or no pain during a treatment, although there will be certain areas which might be tender or sensitive.

The Bowen Technique is not necessarily a ‘long term’ treatment programme. Most clients find that a small number of treatments are adequate even for long-standing complaints. Some of the wide range of conditions that may respond well to a Bowen treatment are . . . .

  • bowenpagesports injuries
  • neck and shoulder problems
  • back pain, sciatica, RSI and tennis elbow
  • stress and tension symptoms
  • knee, ankle and foot problems
  • respiratory conditions and hayfever
  • migraine and headaches
  • digestive and bowel problems
  • accident injuries

. . . . to name just a few!

For further information click here: to go to the official Bowen Association UK website.

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